Life is a lot about who you know... Do you know someone with skills, talents or resources that we could use? Check out the 'We Need' page to see if you know anyone who might be able to 'Get In' and help us out!

It takes a lot of work, support and resources to run an event like Get In. There are a lot of generous people, businesses and organisations (who may have no involvement in Scouting) that have donated services and resources to the event. These may be items that the event would otherwise have to hire in at a cost, reducing the budget which could be spent elsewhere such as on activities, or be items which add to the event and help build a great experience for the young people.

This is our opportunity to thank our sponsors publicly for their support:

Thank you for the use of your conference room - this was a great location to hold our meetings!

Thank you, for loaning us the vehicles (two pickup trucks, two panel vans and a crew van) which we will need to run #GetInCamp and make it a success!

Thank you for helping us to secure our venue whilst our people and property are on site!