Activities are great; that's the whole point of an activity camp! 2018 will see the introduction of 7 all-new zones:

Air, Active, Earth, Fire, Space, Water and Saturday Night!

The zones are being looked after by teams from each of our districts, with a little bit of #YouthShaped magic. The #GetInCamp team are spending... £43 THOUSAND pounds on activities for 2018! Suffice to say we've got an awesome selection for the young people to choose from. Here's what we've announced so far:

The highlights so far include tomahawk throwing, assault courses, water slides, lightsaber making, laser tag, fencing, backwood cooking, bushcraft skills and a planetarium! This list will steadily grow with time - keep an eye on our social media for the latest announcements!

Remember Cub100? Since then, we've been working with our friends at Coventry Wasps and in October 2016, we held a Cub100 Takeover Day. A portion of ticket sales that came from Warwickshire's attendance have been donated back to Scouts in the form of a £2000 cheque! This money will be going towards more activities at Get In 2018; let the cycle begin again!