Activities are great; that's the whole point of an activity camp! 2018 will see the introduction of 7 all-new zones:

Air, Active, Earth, Fire, Space, Water and Saturday Night!

The zones are being looked after by teams from each of our districts, with a little bit of #YouthShaped magic. The #GetInCamp team are spending...  over £43,000 (that's forty three THOUSAND pounds) on activities for 2018! Suffice to say we've got an awesome selection for the young people to choose from. Here's what we've announced so far:

Remember Cub100? Since then, we've been working with our friends at Coventry Wasps and in October 2016, we held a Cub100 Takeover Day. A portion of ticket sales that came from Warwickshire's attendance have been donated back to Scouts in the form of a £2000 cheque! This money will be going towards more activities at Get In 2018; let the cycle begin again!


Active Zone

American Football
Bike Maintenance
Blind Trail
Bungee Run
Changing a Car Tyre
Frisbee Golf
Giant Angry Birds
Guide Dogs
Inflatable Caving System
Laser Tag
Modern Line Dancing
Motorised Buggies
Scout Radio
Soft Archery
Stone Painting
Table Tennis
Tuf of War '5v5'
Warwickshire Blood Bikes

Air Zone

70ft Obstacle Course
Blow Football
Bungee Eliminator
Bungee Run
CD Hovercrafts
Dash And Grab
Disk Golf
Drum Workshop
Flip Bang Paper Things
Gladiator Dual
Large Slide
Mega Obstacle Course
Paper Aeroplanes
Penalty Shootout
Pillow Fight
QR Code Orienteering [Explorers only]
Rodeo Bull
Royal Bunting
Spider Mountain
Stomp Rockets

Earth Zone

Geo Area
Cave Bus
Climbing Wall
Drilling Rig
Fossil Dip Sand Box, Diorama, Minerals quiz
Giants Causeway
Sedimentary my dear Watson
Warks Geology Experience:
Building Area:
Choc Chip Mining
Earthquake Table / Tower comp
Lego Sand Pit
Environment / Sustainability
Animal Handling (Sat only)
Earth Collage
Nature activity (Sunday only)
Smoothy Bikes
Active / Crafts
Drum Workshop
Ethnic Arts and Crafts
Giant Game Zone
Gun Carriage
Metal Detecting
Mud Puds
Nerf Range

Fire Zone

Build A Man Made Shelter
Bushcraft Skills
Camp Fires
Camp Ovens
Charcoal Art
Elder Whistles
Fiji Oven
Fire Safety Extinguishers
Firelighting - Flints
Firelighting - Friction
Firelighting - Piston
Food Prep - Woodland
Food Prep – Animals
Matchstick Rockets
Paracord Making
Rope Craft
Rope Trail
Sawdust Drum Fires
Steam Engines
Swedish Log Fires
Tea Light Cooking
Vinegar Volcanoes

Space Zone

Alien Target Ball
Bridge Building
Creating Civilisation on Mars
Flux Dance Company
Flying Saucer Craft
Hammer & Nail Star Craft
ICE Build a Suspension Bridge
Laser Quest
Light Sabre
Marshmallow / Spaghetti Rocket Building
Pioneering - Catapults
Pioneering - Hazardous Waste
Rocket Launchers
Rocket Straw Blowers
Sirus Astronomy
Sublime Science
Walking On Custard
Walking Planks

Water Zone (off site)

Apple Bobbing
Archery With A Pirate Ship Targets
Assault Course.
Axe Throwing [Scouts and Explorers only]
Climbing / Abseiling With Water Container Fill Tube System
Water themed crafts
Duck Races/Hook A Duck
Greasy Pole
Helmets With Water Pipes
Paint Balling
Pioneering Bridge Over Lake
Pipes With Holes To Fill / Ping Pong Ball
Rifles With Water Targets
Stand Up Paddle Boards
Water Shooting Range / Blisters
Zip Wire Team Challenge

Saturday Evening

Cinema, Flight Simulator, Live Jester Shows, Outside Disco and Story Time.
Other activities from the day will also be available.